About Us

Following the successful completion of the Guinness World Record attempt for “The Longest Journey on a Pocketbike“, which took Mike, Sigga and the #MiniMotoRecord team (Chris Fabre and Aurelio Rodriguez) across 1500 miles (2,500 kilometers) of the United States, they had decided that one time was not enough.

After months of research and a meeting with the current Guinness World Record holder for the “Greatest distance on a kick scooter in 24 hours (team)“, Ben Barker, we had decided that bringing this record attempt to Siggas home country of Iceland would be an amazing opportunity to both build a community of explorers and adventurers as well as help raise funds for the Icelandic Search and Rescue.

Here are how the numbers for the ride break down. As a team of 25 we must each ride 100 meters in less than 15.42 seconds. That distance has to be done 5600 times over 24 hours.

We want to demonstrate that in order to accomplish something extraordinary, you need not a bank account overflowing with money or to be extremely talented or gifted; what you need is an unrelenting will to persevere and realize that with every wall that is erected, there is a way around.