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Guinness World Record Application Accepted!

After applying for the record on September 30, 2016 (see below)  We finally got the application approved on March 23rd. (If anyone is wondering, you are right, it took them 6 months!) Thank GOD our lives did not depend on getting an answer because we would have died. Anyway…

Imagine the excitement to open the post and read:

We are pleased to inform that your application has been accepted under the following title: Greatest Distance on a Kick/Push Scooter in 24 hours (Team). […] Good luck with your record attempt and we look forward to receiving your evidence.

Kind regards,

Records Management Team

Guinness World Records

YEEES! So as we say here in Iceland “On with the butter” – Which means that its time to get started and make things happen!

Setting a Guinness World Record is no joke though- let me tell you. The process makes you understand why people do not to this on a daily basis.

Its not enough to  follow the recommended 10.000 hour rule to master something – so you can actually excel at it –  No, you definitely need to work just as hard to follow their very strict rules and guidelines in every step you take along the way.

After going through the process once, during #MiniMotoRecord We got a glympse into what it takes so we will definitely benefit from that experience this time.

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