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Making a Logo / Creating a Brand

Here is our Logo…but lets rewind and give you an insight into how we arrived here.

So, after the record attempt was approved we needed to get a proper logo.

We wanted to combine both the scooting, as well as the name of the team.

We had a few words that we started playing around with:  Scooting / Record / Team / Iceland / 24 ..

Scootteam24 was our first combination. Scoot- Team and 24 – referring to the hours of the record as well as the number of team members.

We slept on it, thought about it and did some basic logo ideas after googling all types of logos. Here are a few we came up with:

Even though the event will take place in Iceland, a Guinness World Record is an international event and we want to be “international” -therefore (and since we already even have an American on the team) we decided to have the name in English. We did want to include Iceland in it and eventually came to the conclusion of having the outlines of Iceland on the logo.

Here is our final draft:


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