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Morgunútvarpið Rás 2 Interview


So earlier this month I (Sigga) was invited to a Radio Interview at the morning radio show “Morgunútvarpið” on Rás 2.

I was very excited to go to the big RÚV  house (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service) ..and I felt very VIP since i had to log in to their system, go through a locked door and wait in their cosy lounge room. It wasn’t my first time there, the third time actually, since  I had been interviewed by them both after the “Miles for Peace” and also after the #MiniMotoRecord.) so they have been following our adventures and welcomed us back to cover our upcoming #ScootingRecord adventure.

We had a really nice chat and  talked extensively about the record and other weird records, both before, during and after the actual interview. Even if they quickly realized they are closer to a “couchpotatoe” than an upcoming endurance based Guinness World Record holder  -But thats okay! They were thrilled to share our message and tell their listeners all about our new adventure, and hopefully convince some people to apply to the team :).

I also got a really nice cup of tea there at RÚV – and also got told i’d be “perfect” for Radio (Wasnt sure if that should be taken as a compliment, since that is usually said to people that are not suitable for TV) .. but im sure they had good intentions.


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