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New Team Logo! (a.k.a. first bump on the road)

We have a new and improved team logo!

Why? Let me tell you…

Funny story, Guinness threw us the first curveball when they denied our plans of scooting on the Kickbike Race Max 20.

We carefully picked the Kickbike Race Max 20 after reading their Guidelines carefully and investigating the best types and contacting different scooter manufacturers which recommended the Race Max 20 – the fastest scooter out there. -But back to the Guidelines. Here is what they say about the scooter: (See point no 4)

Yeah. So it says nothing about sizes of the wheels or details about the looks, but they decided, since they are Guinness, and because they can.. to say that the Kickbike Race MAX 20 was a unique hybrid version that might provide us with an advantage, and therefore would not be accepted as a “scooter”. Hmm.

What do we do then? We took a moment to shake our heads, and then we moved on with our lives. We made a new logo and are figuring out what type of scooter would be the best replacement for the “hybrid” – Stay tuned!

Anyway, here is our new and much cooler logo:

(insider info: This is actually Mikes silhouette on the scooter – photo taken by Sigga and approved by Bjartur – Team work makes the dream work!)


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