The Team

Executive Committee – Mike (U.S.), a Guinness World Record holder and expedition athlete, currently living in Reykjavik Iceland. Mike was part of the #MiniMotoRecord team which successfully set the Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Journey by Pocketbike’ in late 2017. He was also part of the first sea-kayaking expedition to cross the East Asian sea from Japan to South Korea in late 2014. When not traveling around the globe planning his next adventure, you can find him guiding glacier expeditions on Solheimajokull, a beautiful Glacier in Southern Iceland.

Executive Committee – Sigga (Iceland), Glacier guide and adventurer, recently got her first Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Journey by Pocketbike’. Sigga has been a part of many international workshops including Outdoor Adventure- & Leadership training as well as chased her dreams by joining a Romanian Circus and going on a expedition around North America on a motorcycle. When Sigga is not exploring the glaciers she’s working on finishing her Masters in Leisure Studies- and Social Education.

Executive Committee – Bjartur (Iceland) is both a tour guide and athlete specializing in long distance training. He is no stranger to long days of endurance riding and eats century rides for breakfast (100 miles non-stop). Most notably, he recalls participating in the WOW Cyclothon, a daunting 1352km team race taking place over 48 hours. This summer, you will find him training for the #ScootingRecord and competing in many of the notable bike events in Iceland. When not on his trusty steed (his Trek bike) he can be found with his nose in the books at The University of Iceland, studying tourism.

Helgi (Iceland) is a glacier guide and a lawyer. Raised on a farm, Helgi has a very diverse resume: from construction work to law cases, and has trained and competed in many sports: from wrestling to long distance running. When he is not doing whatever lawyers do or guiding tourists on the glacier he can be found helping around at his family’s farm and riding horses.

Benoit (France), is an engineer and father of two living in Reykjavik. He is a long distance trail runner and mountain runner competing at a high level in Iceland and abroad. Benoit achieved a 3rd place at Laugavegurinn 2016, the most popular trail running race in Iceland and hold the course record of the 7 Tindar run considered as the “hardest off-road race”. When he is not running up and down at Esja, you will find him enjoying a nice coffee in downtown Reykjavik.

Andrea (Italy), geologist, volcanologist and alpinist. Andrea spend most of his life in outdoor activities, from simply walking in the countryside, hiking and mountaineering to rock and ice climbing. In Italy he is responsible for the training and development of a group of rangers focusing on environmental and wildlife protection.

Guðlaugur (Iceland) is an astrophysicist specialized in high energy phenomena. He enjoys physical activity and in addition to riding his bike to work everyday he is part of the Richa 116 running group at the University of Iceland and the up and coming football club Dynamo Reykjavik. In the summer he enjoys the occasional short hikes and bike rides.  When not moving about outdoors he enjoys spending time with his family of five.